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Is Autologous Cell Transplant Reliable for Stable Segmental Vitiligo?

Cultivated cells have better results than noncultivated ones; both types pigment 80 percent or more where needed

By Dermsquared Editorial Team | October 11, 2023

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 11, 2023  -- For stable segmental vitiligo, autologous cell transplant is a new and reliable treatment, with cultivated cells producing better results, according to a review published online Sept. 15 in the International Journal of Dermatology.

Ariela A. Souroujon, B.M., B.S., from the Universidad Anahauc México in Huixquilucan, and colleagues examined the efficacy of autologous cell transplant as a therapeutic approach for stable segmental vitiligo in a systematic review. Six of 60 articles met the acceptance criteria for analysis.

The researchers found that for many body parts, autologous cell transplant achieved excellent pigmentation rates. Better results were achieved for cultivated cells than noncultivated cells. Autologous cell transplant with cultured and noncultured cells could pigment 80 percent or more where needed.

"This systematic review highlights that autologous cell transplantation in stable segmental vitiligo holds tremendous promise as a viable alternative for addressing this complex dermatological disorder," the authors write. "It is crucial to explore further and thoroughly investigate the potential of cell transplantation and its associated techniques to establish comprehensive guidelines for standardizing transplantation procedures. It is imperative to address the current limitations that hinder the accessibility of this therapy."


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