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Cutaneous Miscellaneous Podcast Episode 2:

How To Be A Social Media Star Featuring Dr. Muneeb Shah

Release Date: May 18, 2022

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In Episode 2 of Cutaneous Miscellaneous, our host Nicholas Brownstone, MD speaks with Muneeb Shah, DO who is Chief Dermatology Resident at Campbell University in Wilmington, NC and has over 16 million followers on social media. Dr. Brownstone asks Dr. Shah for tips on taking the dermatology residency in-service exams, and about how to start and maintain a successful social media presence. Dr. Shah talks about how to get and maintain brand partnerships within the dermatology space. He also highlights important ethical and medicolegal guidelines that residents should be aware of when posting on social media.

If you are already posting on social media or thinking about starting, this is an episode you won’t want to skip! Dr. Shah can be found on Instagram and YouTube as @Doctorly and on TikTok as @dermdoctor.


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