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Cutaneous Miscellaneous Podcast Episode 27:

What is Direct Care Dermatology?

Featuring Stephen Lewellis, MD, PhD, FAAD | Release Date: June 19, 2024

In episode 27 of Cutaneous Miscellaneous, our host, Nicholas Brownstone, MD, speaks with Stephen Lewellis, MD, PhD, FAAD, founder and owner of Above & Beyond Dermatology based in Wisconsin. 

The episode begins with board review on the diagnosis and treatment of adult and pediatric pityriasis rubra pilaris (PRP). Dr Brownstone offers a helpful way to remember the different pediatric forms of diseases. 

Dr Brownstone then asks Dr Lewellis to discuss the topic of direct care dermatology. Dr Lewellis discusses the theory behind direct care dermatology, the principles behind this care model, and the advantages and disadvantages. Dr Brownstone asks Dr Lewellis about his personal experience transitioning from an employed position to a direct care practice and offers advice for others considering the same.


Cutaneous Miscellaneous Boards Booster!

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