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Derms and Conditions Podcast Episode 63:

What is Dr Adam Friedman Up To Now?

Featuring Adam Friedman, MD | Release Date: November 09, 2023

In Episode 63 of Derms and Conditions, our host, James Q. Del Rosso, DO, sits down with Adam Friedman, MD, to discuss some important topics in dermatology, including a comprehensive resource for portraying skin conditions and his research findings relating to sensitive skin.

Dr Friedman begins by describing his atlas project, created to address a gap in dermatology in the limited way textbooks and atlases portray skin conditions. The Full Spectrum of Dermatology: A Diverse and Inclusive Atlas is a comprehensive resource that depicts dermatologic conditions across the full spectrum of skin tones to help dermatology professionals visualize the nuances in skin conditions.

Next, Dr Friedman discusses his research on sensitive skin and how he puts his findings into practice with his patients. He details his global study that looked in-depth at sensitive skin and what factors trigger and exacerbate it, highlighting the importance of dermatologists having tools to assess the condition and provide management strategies. The pair also touch on guiding patients on the use of products for sensitive skin and utilizing samples.

They conclude by discussing the importance of early intervention to prevent disease progression and the benefits of initiating more advanced therapies in earlier disease.

Tune into this episode to hear more about what’s on Dr Adam Friedman’s mind!


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