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FCPANP Marathon

FCPANP Marathon

Compete against fellow dermatology PAs & NPs

Join your colleagues in the FCPANP Marathon. The Marathon is a great opportunity to both test your knowledge and see how you measure up against your peers.

How it Works

Each Thursday, you will receive a board-style question via email. Questions are adapted from prior dermatology board exams and have been developed by the National Society for Cutaneous Medicine™.

The race is divided into 3 parts, or “laps”. In each lap, you will "race" against fellow PAs & NPs to correctly answer the toughest questions in dermatology. Those who answer fastest will be awarded a higher ranking. At the end of the lap, the scores will reset to 0 in preparation for the next lap.

What You’ll Win

A digital leader board will feature the top 10 PAs & NPs each week. At the end of each lap, we will award the top three performers a prize:

1st Place Prize

  • $500 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place Prize

  • $350 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place Prize

  • $200 Amazon Gift Card

Bonus Prize Participation Raffle
Participate in the PANP Marathon every week for your chance to be entered in a raffle for a $200 Amazon Gift Card!


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