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Residents Race

Residents Race

Compete against fellow dermatology residents in our weekly series.

We are excited to announce the continuation of our educational program: The Residents Race. The Race is a great opportunity to both test your knowledge and see how you measure up against your peers.

How it Works

Each Wednesday, you will receive a board-style question via email. Questions are adapted from prior dermatology board exams and have been developed by the National Society for Cutaneous Medicine™.
The race is divided into 3 parts, or “laps”. In each lap, you will "race" against fellow residents to correctly answer the toughest questions in dermatology. Those who answer fastest will be awarded a higher ranking. At the end of the lap, the scores will reset to 0 in preparation for the next lap.

What You’ll Win

Each week, along with each question, you will be notified who is on the leaderboard. The top three names on the cumulative leaderboard will win the prizes below.

1st Place Prize

  • $500 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place Prize

  • $350 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place Prize

  • $200 Amazon Gift Card

Bonus Prize Participation Raffle
Participate in the Residents Summit Race every week for your chance to be entered in a raffle for a $200 Amazon Gift Card!


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