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How soon can patients start seeing results on baricitinib?

Featuring Michael Cameron, MD |

Assistant Professor
Mount Sinai Ichan School of Medicine
New York, NY

| Published August 01, 2023


In the video, Dr. Michael Cameron discusses the response patterns of patients with alopecia areata to the medication baricitinib. He points out that alopecia areata is composed of multiple diseases or different endotypes, leading to various response curves. Based on his experience with patients on baricitinib, he has observed a few different response patterns. 

According to Dr. Cameron, some patients may experience regrowth of hair as early as four weeks after starting treatment with baricitinib. However, he also notes that other patients may take up to nine months to see noticeable results. Therefore, he advises healthcare professionals to counsel their patients that it is possible to see a response within four weeks, but it could also take as long as nine months for the medication to show its effects on hair regrowth in cases of alopecia areata. 

Key Points 
  • Alopecia areata is a condition with multiple diseases or different endotypes, leading to varying response patterns in patients. 
  • Patients on baricitinib may experience different response curves. 
  • Some patients may start seeing regrowth as early as four weeks after starting treatment, where others may take as long as nine months to see results. 
  • Healthcare professionals should counsel patients that the time to see a response can vary.

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