Is the 40-GEP test covered by Medicare?
Featuring Darrell Rigel, MD, MS | Senior Clinical Advisor |

Clinical Professor of Dermatology 
Director, Melanoma Surveillance Clinic 
Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine, New York, NY 
Adjunct Professor, UT Southwestern Medical School 
Consultant Dermatologist, Cooper Clinic, Dallas, TX

| Published August 01, 2023

In the video, Dr. Darrell Rigel addresses the question of whether the 40-GEP test is covered by Medicare. He explains that currently, there is insurance coverage available for some cases, but the specific coverage rules may vary depending on the Medicare coverage carrier. He mentions that over time, the coverage for the 40-GEP test is expected to become more clear and standardized. Dr. Rigel also mentions that the company offering the 40-GEP test accepts insurance as a form of payment. This approach is designed to make it easier for patients to access the test results without facing financial burdens. 

Key Points 
  • The 40-GEP test may be covered by Medicare, but the coverage is not consistent across all cases. 
  • Different Medicare coverage carriers have varying rules regarding the 40-GEP test's insurance coverage. 
  • The insurance coverage situation is expected to become more clear and standardized at some point in the future. 
  • The company conducting the 40-GEP test accepts insurance as a form of payment from patients.

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