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When do you recommend the use of wet wrap therapy for patients with atopic dermatitis experiencing a flare?

Featuring Raj Chovatiya, MD, PhD, MSCI |

Clinical Associate Professor, Rosalind Franklin University Chicago Medical School, Founder and Director, Center for Medical Dermatology and Immunology Research 
Chicago, IL

| Published August 01, 2023


In the video, Dr. Raj Chovatiya discusses the use of wet wrap therapy for patients with atopic dermatitis experiencing a flare. He describes wet wrap therapy as an effective approach for achieving fast control of highly acute, severe atopic dermatitis. Wet wrap therapy involves wrapping the affected areas in wet bandages, which helps to cool down the skin and provide relief. 

Dr. Chovatiya mentions that wet wrap therapy is particularly useful for patients who require urgent control of their atopic dermatitis but may not be able to start systemic therapy immediately. It can be used in cases where a patient is a good candidate for systemic therapy but cannot receive it promptly. For example, patients who end up being hospitalized for a day or two due to the severity of their condition can benefit from wet wrap therapy during their hospital stay. 

While wet wrap therapy is an effective option, Dr. Chovatiya acknowledges that it can be cumbersome for patients to manage at home. Therefore, its use may be more practical and achievable in a hospital setting, where healthcare professionals can ensure appropriate application and changes of the wet wraps. 

Overall, wet wrap therapy is considered a valuable approach for rapidly managing acute, severe atopic dermatitis, especially when systemic therapy may not be immediately accessible. 

Key Points 
  • Wet wrap therapy is recommended for patients with atopic dermatitis experiencing a flare. 
  • It is particularly effective when fast control of highly acute, very severe atopic dermatitis is needed. 
  • Wet wrap therapy is not used for every patient because it can be cumbersome, especially at home. 
  • It can be beneficial for patients who may be good candidates for systemic therapy but cannot start it immediately.  

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