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Dermbusters: Aaron Farberg, MD

Featuring Aaron Farberg, MD |

Bare Dermatology
Baylor Scott & White Health System
Dallas, TX

| Published June 29, 2023

In this episode of Dermbusters, Dr. Nick Brownstone chats with Dr. Aaron Farberg how he busts myths often heard from patients surrounding sunscreen use and scarring.

Is a higher SPF sunscreen always better?

First, Dr. Brownstone asks Dr. Farberg how he counsels patients who believe a higher SPF sunscreen is always better. Dr. Farberg explains that when he chats with patients about sunscreen use, he emphasizes that the best sunscreen is whichever one they will use consistently.

He tells his patients that an SPF of 30 is sufficient if they are using it correctly; however, he notes that most people do not, either by not applying enough or not reapplying their sunscreen. Considering that, he advises his patients to select the highest SPF sunscreen they can find to give themselves a margin of safety.

Is a barely noticeable scar the mark of a good surgeon?

Next, Dr. Brownstone inquires about a misconception regarding scarring that he often hears from patients: that a barely noticeable scar is the mark of a good surgeon. Dr. Farberg emphasizes that for patients who hold this belief, managing expectations is key and advises them that they should expect a scar.

He describes his system of measuring scars by distance—whether the scar is visible from 3 feet, 30 feet, or 300 feet—and that he explains to his patients that he aims for scars that can only be visible from 3 feet away.


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