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Exploring the MyPath Melanoma Test for Guiding Management and Care Decisions in Patients with Ambiguous Lesions

Featuring Aaron Farberg, MD |

Bare Dermatology
Baylor Scott & White Health System
Dallas, TX

| Published May 01, 2024

In this installment of Discourses in Dermatology, Aaron Farberg, MD, gives an in-depth overview of the MyPath Melanoma test, a gene expression profile (GEP) test designed to aid in the diagnosis of ambiguous cutaneous melanocytic lesions and inform patient management and treatment decisions. 

Dr Farberg explains the importance of ancillary testing, particularly in cases where there is a lack of clinicopathological correlation, and how the MyPath Melanoma test can provide objective information to help clinicians classify ambiguous lesions of unknown potential. 

He also details how to incorporate the test into clinical practice, gives an overview of the MyPath Melanoma report guide, and details the patient-focused financial assistance and insurance billing services available. 

Finally, he reviews the case of a 27-year-old woman with a high clinical concern for melanoma and atypical histopathology, detailing how the MyPath Melanoma test impacted diagnosis and clinical care in a real-world example.


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