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Debunking Myths in Skin of Color

Featuring Tiffany Mayo, MD |

Associate Professor

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dermatology Vice Chair of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Department Director of Clinical Trials

Birmingham, Alabama


| Published May 31, 2024

In this session on myths for patients with skin of color, Tiffany Mayo, MD discusses five important learning pearls for clinicians. The first myth surrounds the fact that alopecia is due to poor hair care practices. Dr Mayo presents data from several studies regarding the strong genetic components of scarring alopecia.

Dr Mayo goes on to discuss the rates of skin cancer in skin of color and highlights the dangers of UV radiation in this population. It is therefore vital for patients with skin of color to regularly use sunscreen for photoprotection. Depigmentation is also a primary concern among patients with skin of color and Dr Mayo highlights this important condition. The session concludes with a discussion regarding the benefits and drawbacks of using hair oils.


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