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Lumps and Bumps: When It Isn’t Just a Cyst

Featuring Gina Johnson, MD |

Skin Pathology Associates  
Birmingham, AL

| Published June 02, 2024

Gina Johnson, MD, begins her discussion on conditions that could be confused on the differential diagnosis with a cyst by providing a brief histology review.  She then emphasizes the importance of the topic and provides tips to clinicians to aid their discussion with pathologists when these cysts are biopsied and sent out for pathology. 

She then covered the histology and clinical manifestations of skin cancers and soft tissue tumors including lipoma, angiolipoma, spindle cell lipoma, liposarcoma, nodular fasciitis, dermatofibroma, leiomyoma, and schwannoma. She then transitions the talk to the histology of melanoma and lymphoma. Dr Johnson concludes the presentation by covering the histology of metastases and non-cutaneous local extensions of lesions.


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