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What Derm APPs Need to Know About Allergies

Featuring Marc Serota, MD |

CEO, MD Integrations
Faculty, University of Colorado
Denver, CO

| Published May 31, 2024

Marc Serota, MD, begins this session with a discussion on the pathogenesis of allergies. As an IgE-mediated condition, there are an abundance of triggers for allergic reactions. These occur each time the individual is exposed to an allergen. Dr Serota goes on to describe skin prick testing. Importantly, he highlights that skin prick testing is not diagnostic, but rather stratifies risk. It is also vital to correlate lab testing with patient history, including symptoms when exposed to allergens, type of reaction, and reaction times.

Further, Dr Serota discusses utility of allergy shots and the recommended treatment duration. Dr Serota concludes this session with clinical pearls regarding diagnosis and treatment of allergic reactions, including the necessity of rapid administration of epinephrine during an anaphylactic reaction.


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