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Patient-Centered Care: Exam Tips for HS

Featuring Andrea Murina, MD |

Associate Professor
Tulane School of Medicine
New Orleans, LA

| Published April 03, 2024

In this installment of Topical Conversations, Andrea T. Murina, MD, associate professor and residency program director at Tulane School of Medicine, offers a few quick-hitting tips on making the patient exam a comfortable and low-stress experience for those with hidradenitis suppurativa. 

Planning ahead to put the patient at ease 

Dr Murina emphasizes the significance of ensuring patient comfort throughout the examination process. To achieve this, she suggests several strategies. Firstly, providing patients with a gown and instructing them to undress ahead of time can help them feel more at ease in the exam room. Additionally, offering wound care supplies and any other necessary items in advance can further enhance their comfort and offer a convenient experience by anticipating their needs. 

Prioritizing patient comfort 

During the examination itself, Dr Murina stresses the importance of being gentle and careful with patients. She underscores the need for sensitivity to their potential pain and discomfort, encouraging practitioners to ask patients about their pain levels throughout the examination. By prioritizing patient comfort and attentiveness during the assessment of HS, dermatologists can create a supportive and reassuring environment that fosters trust and cooperation.


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