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Proactive Strategies: Counseling Patients on HS Flare Management

Featuring Andrea Murina, MD |

Associate Professor
Tulane School of Medicine
New Orleans, LA

| Published April 10, 2024

In this quick-hitting installment of Topical Conversations, Andrea Murina offers a few tips on some first-visit essentials when counseling your patients on managing their flares associated with hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). 

The patient education conversation

She encourages dermatologists to initiate conversations about managing HS flares at the patient's first visit and advises educating patients on various ways to handle acute flares. 

She suggests advising patients to use warm compresses and utilize both topical and oral pain relievers to alleviate symptoms. Furthermore, Dr Murina encourages patients to return to the office if necessary, particularly if they require intralesional Kenalog injections or oral antibiotics. 

A proactive approach to empower patients

To empower patients and give them a sense of control over their condition, Dr Murina suggests prescribing oral antibiotics for patients to have on hand in case of a flare-up. By proactively addressing flare management strategies, dermatologists can improve outcomes and enhance overall quality of life for patients with HS.


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