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Interview with Benjamin Lockshin, MD

Featuring Benjamin Lockshin, MD |

EVP of Strategic Initiatives
Director of the Clinical Trials Center
Assistant Professor
US Dermatology Partners
Georgetown University
Rockville, MD

| Published February 15, 2023

In this episode of Under Your Skin, Dr Nick Brownstone sits down with Dr Benjamin Lockshin to get advice on advertising a practice, learn what specialty Dr Lockshin would practice if he couldn’t be a dermatologist, and hear tips on how to avoid burnout.

How do you advertise your practice?

Dr Lockshin explains that at his practice, they don’t do formal advertising. Rather, he reaches out to community doctors to ensure he develops a relationship with those providers. He believes that taking care of patients effectively and letting the patients do the advertising is the most effective way to grow a successful practice.

If you couldn’t be a dermatologist, what other specialty would you practice?

Dr Lockshin feels his personality and mindset would work well with urology. He explains that urology shares many similarities with dermatology; you can manage patients with acute problems or over the course of many years. There is also a surgical component as well as a medical component to both specialties.

How do you avoid burnout?

Dr Lockshin suggests adding variety to your daily and weekly activities to help avoid burnout. He runs a clinical trial center and consults and speaks for several companies, which allows him to vary his weekly schedule.


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