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Interview with Gabriela Maloney, DO

Featuring Gabriela Maloney, DO |

Forefront Dermatology 
Brookfield, WI

| Published August 22, 2023

In this episode of Under Your Skin, Dr. Nick Brownstone chats with Dr. Gabriela Maloney about her journey from Brazil to Wisconsin, her favorite thing about being a dermatologist, tips for staying efficient in the clinic, and how she counsels patients on a common misperception in dermatology.

What was your journey like from growing up in Brazil to practicing dermatology in Wisconsin?

Dr. Maloney explains that when she was 15, she received a scholarship to become a high school exchange student and later also received a college scholarship. She wanted to pursue medical school but first needed to save some money. After working for 2 years at a biotech company, she saved enough to apply to medical school. After medical school, she had an opportunity to work in Wisconsin, which she describes as a family-friendly place with very nice people.

What’s your favorite thing about being a dermatologist?

Dr. Maloney explains that she loves the variety of patients dermatologists see, from newborns to the elderly. With a wide array of conditions to treat surgically, cosmetically, and medically, there are no repetitive days in dermatology. With many systemic diseases that can show up in the skin, she feels dermatology especially encourages doctors to retain and use the knowledge they learned in medical school daily. She finds it very rewarding to make a positive impact on patients’ quality of life.

How do you stay efficient in clinic?

Dr Maloney notes that to stay efficient in clinic, she makes sure to look at her schedule ahead of time, highlight potential derailments, and prepare her staff. She schedules surgeries 10 minutes ahead of when she wants patients to arrive, so if they are late, it doesn’t impact her daily schedule and they have sufficient time to get checked in, prepped, and consented. She also does her large cosmetic procedures right before lunch; with this tactic, if patients have a vasovagal episode or need more recovery time, they can be safely kept in the room without derailing the day.

What’s a common misperception you hear from patients, and how do you address it?

Dr. Maloney finds that many patients with melasma think they don’t need daily sunscreen because they don’t spend much time outside. She explains to patients that even if they think they don’t go outside, we all inevitably take the trash out, walk our dogs, get the mail, or chat with a neighbor, all of which add to daily sun exposure contributing to melasma. She counsels patients to keep their sunscreen next to their toothbrushes to encourage daily application.


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