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Interview with Doris Day, MD, FAAD

Featuring Doris Day, MD |

Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology 
New York University Langone Medical Center
New York, NY

| Published March 19, 2024

In this episode of Under Your Skin, host Nicholas Brownstone, MD gets to know Doris Day, MD, FAAD, a dermatologist specializing in laser, cosmetic, surgical, and aesthetic dermatology. Dr Day offers tips on guiding conversation with difficult patients, gives her thoughts on an emerging trend in dermatology, and shares her approach to a healthy work-life balance. 

Understanding the demanding patient and guiding the conversation 

Dr Day approaches interactions with demanding patients with empathy and understanding. Rather than viewing them as difficult, she recognizes their need to be heard and understood. By empathizing with their anxieties, expectations, and budget constraints, she transforms demanding patients into supportive allies. 

She also believes in transparent communication and education. Instead of persuading patients into treatments, she informs them about their options and recommends a holistic approach. Starting conversations with compliments helps ease tension and facilitates open dialogue. By striking a balance between meeting patients where they are and being honest about what can be achieved, Dr Day guides conversations with these patients effectively. Sometimes, she acknowledges when she might not be the right fit for a patient, prioritizing ethical practice over profit. 

A trend towards dermatology’s expanding scope 

When discussing emerging trends in dermatology, Dr Day says she looks forward to the expanding scope of the field. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing the value of appearance, noting that while many common dermatologic conditions are not life-threatening, they still profoundly impact a patient’s overall well-being and self-confidence. 

As the population gains a better understanding of general health, Dr Day foresees a future where dermatologists play a crucial role in enhancing healthspan through a holistic approach that integrates skin care, lifestyle modifications, and preventive healthcare. 

Avoiding burnout with an integrated approach to life 

To avoid burnout, Dr Day advocates for an integrated approach to life. Balancing her professional commitments with personal interests, such as family, allows her to find fulfillment. She advises against setting goalposts that must be achieved before pursuing the next goal and instead suggests a more balanced approach to the work-life relationship. 

She emphasizes the need to compartmentalize stress and prioritize self-care. By consciously separating work-related concerns from personal life, Dr Day maintains emotional well-being and prevents burnout.


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