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Interview with Gary Goldenberg, MD

Featuring Gary Goldenberg, MD | Co-Director |

Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
New York, NY

| Published January 23, 2024

In this episode of Under Your Skin, host Nicholas Brownstone, MD, chats with Gary Goldenberg, MD, about a tip for improving practice efficiency, dealing with demanding patients, upcoming innovations in dermatology, and his unique work-life balance. 

What change have you made in your practice in the last 5 years that has had the biggest impact on your efficacy? 

One standout modification Dr Goldenberg made in his practice was introducing private-label skincare. He emphasizes the importance of addressing patients' skin care, considering it a fundamental aspect sometimes overlooked by dermatologists. In his practice, it's now a routine question for every patient, and he’s able to offer them curated regimens available for purchase in the office. 

He notes that offering private-label skin care can be done relatively inexpensively, enhances patient care, and allows dermatologists to have a clear view of the products their patients are using. 

How do you deal with demanding patients? 

When dealing with demanding patients, Dr Goldenberg advocates for setting clear expectations from the start. For instance, managing expectations is crucial in cases like hair loss, where realistic outcomes need to be communicated. 

He emphasizes the significance of active listening. When patients come to him with many areas of concern, he has them make a list of their priorities and they address them accordingly. By transforming challenging situations into positive interactions, he notes that demanding patients often become some of the most valuable. 

What innovations in dermatology are you most excited about? 

Dr Goldenberg predicts that dermatology is on the brink of a regenerative medicine revolution. Beyond just platelet-rich plasma, he anticipates advancements in stem cells and exosomes that hold promise across various aspects of medicine. 

He notes that these products are still considered experimental, but that the potential for regenerating collagen, elastic fibers, skin cells, and hair opens up new avenues for improving patients' lives. 

What advice do you have for other husband/wife dermatology couples who practice? 

Dr Goldenberg, who is in practice with his wife, highlights the advantages of their partnership, noting that they can cover for each other and share common goals of patient care and practice success. He comments that having the same boss at home and in the office promotes harmony and is his preferred way to navigate his professional and personal spheres.


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