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Derms and Conditions Podcast Episode 60:

A Closer Look at How to Address Skin Care With Your Patients

Featuring Cheri Frey, MD | Release Date: September 21, 2023

In episode 60 of Derms and Conditions, our host, James Q. Del Rosso, DO, sits down with Cheri Frey, MD, the residency program director of dermatology at Howard University. The 2 discuss how to address skin care with patients and key products that should be incorporated into a skin care routine for specific skin types and populations.

Dr Del Rosso begins by asking Dr Frey about her approach to advising the general patient on their skin care. She notes that interest in skin care has grown tremendously, and dermatologists are rightfully being increasingly viewed as the foremost skin care experts. She recommends that dermatologists embrace and directly incorporate skin care into management recommendations for patients and should also consider offering products to patients directly in the office for efficiency and convenience. She also stresses the importance of validating the patient’s concerns by confirming that their dermatologist is the appropriate person to consult.

Next, Dr Del Rosso delves deeper into Dr Frey’s more specific recommendations for skin care. She notes that while it is difficult to generalize, data supports typical concerns that are more prevalent in certain populations, such as hyperpigmentation with darker skin tones. She recommends incorporating toners with salicylic acid and glycolic acid into acne treatment routines to tackle pigmentation. Additionally, she acknowledges that patients reluctant to discontinue using an unessential type of skin care product that may not be optimal for their skin should instead be switched to a better alternative to maintain the patient-physician relationship.

They then switch topics to discuss skin care tips for dry skin. Dr Frey mentions that African American patients should use moisturizers rich in ceramides, as their skin is likely to be more deficient in this lipid based on current evidence. She emphasizes the need for open discussion and education about these skin care trends with patients. Dr Del Rosso finishes by asking about some common helpful ingredients. Dr Frey notes that ascorbic acid has beneficial antioxidant properties. She also favors niacinamide 3-5% for its antioxidant activity and recommends having glycolic acid in moisturizers specifically for concerns with dyschromia. Tune in to this episode to learn more!


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