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Derms and Conditions Podcast Episode 68:

Final Thoughts from 2023: Highlights from Podcasts Past…

Release Date: December 28, 2023

In this episode of Derms and Conditions, our host, Dr James Q. Del Rosso, reflects on the past year of podcasting, offering a rich summary of key dermatologic topics discussed throughout 2023.

To start, the episode delves into highlights from an interview with Dr Shane Chapman, who specializes in skin cancer. Dr Chapman shares insights into nonsurgical options for treating nonmelanoma skin cancer, focusing on strategies for cases of squamous cell carcinoma and nodular basal cell carcinoma that may not be amenable to surgical treatment for a variety of reasons.  

Next, Dr Del Rosso features an episode with Dr Adam Friedman, who explores the topic of sensitive skin as a standalone entity. They highlight the prevalence of sensitive skin and the need for dermatologists to acknowledge and address this poorly understood condition with an open-minded approach.

In another segment, Dr Del Rosso revisits the work of Dr Matt Zirwas, who specializes in chronic dermatitis and inflammatory skin diseases. Dr Zirwas shares valuable insights on diagnosing scabies and addresses concerns about the differentiation of cutaneous T cell lymphoma from atopic dermatitis in older patients.

Dr Del Rosso concludes with a review of a 2-part series featuring Dr Jeff Donovan, who provides comprehensive insights into alopecia areata. Dr Donovan discusses the many mimickers of alopecia areata and when and how to conduct a biopsy. He reviews treatment options for alopecia areata and discusses the efficacy of newer agents, such as JAK inhibitors, to treat severe alopecia areata. The use of dupilumab in selected cases, especially in children with both alopecia areata and atopic dermatitis, is also reviewed. Other relevant suggestions from Dr Donovan include his perspectives on both clinical and laboratory assessments, his discussion of other inflammatory hair diseases, and tips on differentiating these other hair disorders from alopecia areata along with suggestions on management approaches.

Overall, Dr Del Rosso provides a comprehensive review, sharing insights and practical tips from featured experts. It was a great year for the Derms and Conditions podcast, mostly because of those who listened in and the expert faculty who shared their expertise so openly. In conclusion, Dr Del Rosso encourages engagement and feedback from the audience to help shape the direction of future podcast episodes.


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