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Ruxolitinib cream is indicated for short-term use; when should patients discontinue use?

Featuring Raj Chovatiya, MD, PhD, MSCI |

Clinical Associate Professor, Rosalind Franklin University Chicago Medical School Founder and Director, Center for Medical Dermatology and Immunology Research 
Chicago, IL

| Published August 01, 2023


In the video, Dr. Raj Chovatiya discusses the appropriate use and discontinuation of ruxolitinib cream, considering patients' responses to the therapy. According to the prescribing information, ruxolitinib cream is meant for short-term use. For patients who are good candidates for this treatment, the recommended usage is twice daily for eight weeks. 

After the initial eight-week period, patients and healthcare providers should assess the response to the treatment. If significant improvement is observed, patients should continue using the cream. However, if the desired results are not achieved at that point, it is essential to reevaluate whether ruxolitinib cream is the right treatment option. 

The indication statement for ruxolitinib cream also mentions "non-continuous chronic use." This refers to the trial program's design, where some patients used the cream on an as-needed basis in the long run. The decision to continue or discontinue the treatment should be based on the individual's response and the discussion between the patient and their healthcare provider in real-world scenarios. 

Key Points 
  • The duration of use depends on the patient's response to the treatment. 
  • The prescribing information recommends using it twice daily for eight weeks and assessing the results. 
  • If there is improvement, patients should continue using it. 
  • If there isn't significant improvement after the initial eight weeks, it's essential to reassess whether this treatment is right for the patient. 
  • The indication statement also mentions the possibility of non-continuous chronic use, as seen in the trial program design.
  •  In the real world, healthcare professionals will have discussions with their patients about using the cream on an as-needed basis in the long run.

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