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Acne Treatment Approaches in a Diverse Patient Population

Featuring Linda Stein Gold, MD | Co-Director |

Director Clinical Research 
Henry Ford Health System 
Detroit, MI

| Published June 01, 2024

In this session, Linda F. Stein Gold, MD discusses methods for effective management of acne in patients with darker skin tones. She describes how patients can respond differently to acne as well as therapies, and effective treatment must be balanced with the side effects that may occur. 

Dr Stein Gold highlights a study on safety and tolerability of topical acne therapies in black patients. She goes on to describe the process of scarring from acne and utility of retinoids in reducing the risk of atrophic scars in moderate inflammatory acne. Trifarotene cream was also studied to prevent the risk of atrophic scar formation, resulting in a statistically significant reduction in total atrophic acne scar count. Another study showed that trifarotene cream significantly reduced acne-induced post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in subjects with all Fitzpatrick skin types. Dr Stein Gold concludes by emphasizing that active acne and acne sequelae are important in the treatment of acne in patients with skin of color. 


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