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Evolving Approach to HS for the APP and Emerging Treatments

Featuring Kristine Kucera, PA-C, MPAS, DHS |

Physician Assistant, Bare Dermatology 

| Published June 01, 2024

Kristine Kucera, PA-C begins this session discussing advances in understanding the pathophysiology of HS, including the combination of immune dysregulation, immune response with proinflammatory cytokines, and microbial dysbiosis. Further, the hyperactivation of complement pathways and dysregulation of cytokine profiles contributes to the complex interplay of immune dysregulation in HS. She goes on to describe the clinical presentation of HS and the various stages. As delays in diagnosis have significant consequences, Kucera highlights the importance of recognizing signs and symptoms of HS. Additionally, she describes the impact on patients’ quality of life, with 97% of HS patients experiencing pain and a >2x risk of completed suicides compared to psoriasis. Kucera reviews the traditional treatment options for HS, including analgesics, keratolytic agents, topical antibiotics, and benzoyl peroxide. She also compares the systemic therapies available and the emerging systemic and topical options that may have efficacy for HS.


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