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Systemics and Vaccines: What You Need to Know

Featuring Marc Serota, MD |

CEO, MD Integrations
Faculty, University of Colorado
Denver, CO

| Published May 31, 2024

In this session, Marc Serota, MD begins by discussing the types of vaccines, inactivated and live, and a brief history of their importance for viral protection. Inactivated vaccines include influenza, polio, hepatitis A, and rabies, while live attenuated vaccines include MMR, rotavirus, smallpox, varicella, yellow fever, and BCG.

Dr Serota highlighted the importance of avoiding live attenuated vaccines for patients taking biologic therapies, though each case should be evaluated on an individual basis. He discusses in detail the recommendations for biologic therapies in relation to inactivated and live vaccines, especially highlighting the timing and if it is necessary to hold administration of a biologic. Dr Serota goes on to describe the necessity of live attenuated vaccines, HPV vaccination, and the evidence behind intralesional candida for warts. He concludes with top five pearls for biologics and vaccines.


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