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What SCCs are appropriate for the 40-GEP test?

Featuring Darrell Rigel, MD, MS | Senior Clinical Advisor |

Clinical Professor of Dermatology 
New York University
Grossman School of Medicine
New York, NY 
Adjunct Professor
UT Southwestern Medical School 
Consultant Dermatologist, Cooper Clinic
Dallas, TX

| Published August 01, 2023


In this video, Dr. Darrell Rigel addresses the question of which squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) are suitable for the 40-GEP test. He emphasizes that not all SCCs are appropriate for this particular test. The data used to develop the test was gathered from cases of advanced squamous cell carcinomas, specifically those that have at least one of the high-risk factors such as large diameter, significant depth, and other risk factors associated with advanced disease. The 40-GEP test is not intended for use with squamous cell carcinoma in situ or early-stage squamous cell carcinomas. Instead, it is specifically designed and validated for cases where there are indicators of advanced disease. 

Key Points 
  • SCCs (Squamous Cell Carcinomas) that are appropriate for the 40-GEP (Gene Expression Profiling) test are specific types of cases. 
  • The test's data was collected on advanced squamous cell carcinomas, which means it is not suitable for squamous cell carcinoma in situ (early stage) cases. 
  • It is specifically designed for squamous cell carcinomas that have at least one of the high-risk factors associated with advanced disease. 
  • The high-risk factors include diameter, depth, and other risk factors that indicate the likelihood of the carcinoma being in an advanced stage.

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