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Featuring Roger Ceilley, MD |

Clinical Professor of Dermatology
University of Iowa School of Medicine
Des Moines, IA

| Published November 03, 2023

To round out the morning review of dermatology literature, Roger I. Ceilley, MD, delighted the audience with a look back at the past year for SKIN: The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine. SKIN is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online-only journal dedicated to providing free access globally to dermatologic knowledge. Readership of SKIN continues to grow, with over 68,000 reads in May 2023. Dr Ceilley highlighted important sections of SKIN, including a new Medical Educational in Dermatology section and the ever-popular SKINmages section. High-impact articles from 2023 included an expert consensus panel report on the use of gene expression profiling in melanoma management. The panel concluded that adding gene expression profiling results to AJCC classification improves prognostic assessment of patients with cutaneous melanoma. Dr Ceilley concluded with a look at the most-read articles of 2023, which included a review of makeup ingredients and their effects on acne cosmetica, a short communication about solutions for the lidocaine shortage, and an original research article on the use of ampicillin in acne vulgaris.


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